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  1. Thanks for highlighting the interview. Much appreciated
  2. Thanks very much for posting the video
  3. Michael Price was a very interesting investor to follow over the years and it would be great to have people post some links to videos, presentations, etc. that he gave over time Michael Price Who Saw Value in.pdf
  4. Here you go Camo. FactSet isn't cheap and their are plenty of other services out there. https://www.factset.com/
  5. What happens if the top 20% of the TMC goes down or sideways for an extended period of time? Can you make money in other areas that haven't performed well over the past 2-5 years?
  6. Very cool. Thanks for posting the link
  7. Thanks for mentioning this book. Although it was some what basic, it was still a lot of fun to read.
  8. Thanks mcliu. I appreciate the feedback
  9. I was hoping to ask the group if anyone subscribes to CNBC Pro and if so, do you think the price is worth the content? Thanks in advance for your thoughts
  10. Brief interview with Stanley Druckenmiller https://www.msnbc.com/stephanie-ruhle/watch/druckenmiller-warns-of-dire-consequences-of-more-government-spending-117262917868
  11. I have a filter for reading things about Mr. Buffett. When they can't spell his name correctly, I don't read it.
  12. Thanks for posting Spekulatius. Anyone have the full interview?
  13. Sanjeev, I apologize if this has already been asked, but could we do a pay option to get rid of the ads? I would be happy to participate.
  14. Great link longterminvestor! Thanks for the laughs this afternoon.
  15. Thanks Liberty. I really like him.
  16. Thanks very much for posting this interview Liberty.
  17. This recent blog post has some similar ideas shamelesscloner portrayed in a slightly different way. https://www.woodlockhousefamilycapital.com/post/the-lindy-effect
  18. Thank you for posting the interview Liberty
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