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  1. Bought more GDC.TO today... Genesis is a land owner and home developer in Metro Calgary.. Calgary detached house price as well as the volume are bouncing back quickly.. https://www.creb.com/Housing_Statistics/Daily_Housing_Summary/?tab=2
  2. Bought some preferred shares of Husky Energy: HSE.PR.A, HSE.PR.G; 9%+ dividend yield from a solid investment grade issuer; Its ultra-long term (2037 maturity) bond trading at 5.4% YTM, so the credit spread is simply too large to ignore...
  3. I am buying GDC.TO Genesis Land Development recently, a speculation on federal election..
  4. I played a lot this year: QIHU, HMIN, MR, DSKY, EFUT among others now I hold nothing the situation in China is NOT good now.
  5. For Transalta, the exchange will NOT succeed. I am accumulating more TA.PR.D and TA.PR.E. The proposal reminds me of a recent exchange in Dundee's preferred. Their management has to sweeten the deal to make it though. We probably will see a at lease 25%+ capital gain with in 3-6 months here for D and E. This would be my best idea for year 2017 Where are you, hedge funds and activist investors?
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