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YET ANOTHER POLL: Do you manage other people's Money?

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I manage my wife's RothIRA but let's be honest -- it was my money that went into the account in the first place, given that she spent all of her income.


I manage my wife's RothIRA as well, this was started by a roll over of her old 401K into an IRA when she quit her job to be a stay at home mom 13 years ago, so anything that has been added to it has been money I've made.  I also manage UTMA accounts in my kids' names, that they invest portions of their allowance as well as Christmas/birthday money from relatives.  Even their accounts have significant amounts in them now due to the growth (5 figures each).    But I still answered "No" to the poll, because neither my wife nor my kids pay me to manage their money for them.  Maybe I should start charging a fee.  :)



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May I suggest that perhaps there be a poll..."Do you PROFESSIONALLY manage other people's money?".


I have a tremendous amount of input into a couple of family & friends accounts.  I don't "pull the trigger", but they come to me for ideas, advice, and execution strategy.


I am not directly paid for any of this advice or work, so I'm just an "amateur".


I know a few other people do the same thing.



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