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  1. Lots more correction coming. Still setting on sidelines.
  2. Hoopla if your local library is signed up for it. https://www.hoopladigital.com/
  3. For several years one of the local nurseries (plants) has had See's for sale
  4. I believe that they also give you some type of security to insure you don't lose out. I did it years ago with no problem.
  5. Cramer is a first class jerk (jmho)
  6. Don't forget that the Gates Foundation (as a private foundation) is required to spend 5% of it's assets every year.
  7. I heard on PBS Friday that gas is up almost 30% from one year ago, meat (beef, pork and poultry)about 30-40 %(this is apx as I am old and forgetful) and building materials and supplies about 300%. Is this the edge of the sword to come. I remember the Nixon and Carter years. Wasn't real pretty.
  8. Go to the library and check out a couple of elementary accounting books. Read the chapters on "ratios" and you will have a good start. Get at least 2 versions as usually one will click with you more than the other. There are other books on just analyzing financial statements, but first you must walk then you can run.. THEN you can get Benjamin Graham's books
  9. Cash for when the bubble pops
  10. https://www.subaruoutback.org/attachments/fb_img_1608775982000-jpg.500216/
  11. Gee I wonder why someone in the healthcare field would be concerned that you are bringing in people to their apt. What are they touching? Are you wiping down the surfaces? Are you disinfecting? How are you keeping the virus out of the air? Hope your insurance is paid up when they get infected
  12. What effect will all these forest fires have on the insurance industry?
  13. For years I had a "crap shoot account" that was set up with 10,000. i tried all my wild stuff in it. Was up to 40000 and down to 8000. Found out leverage works both ways. This account saved me a ton over the years and let me get some wildness out of my system.
  14. I catch myself visiting less and reading even less than I once did. Seems like I look at one or two things and then check "mark all topics read" and move on.
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