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Seeking Alpha Article on Munger


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It is a for sure read if you like Munger.

Two others that you may like:

1.  Seeking Wisdom from Darwin to Munger by Peter Bevelin

2.  Poor Charlie's Almanack, it is the best!




I've read these and they are good. I have not read Damn Right, but it is on my wish list at AMZN.

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Just read this and found it pretty interesting.  Anyone read the book he mentions (Damn Right...)?




I read the kindle edition last year, great book. Lots of interesting stuff, some things that come to mind are the details of real estate development phase and the period in his early thirties were he hit a bottom that could have easily ruined someone with less perseverance.

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Does anyone know where I can pick up Poor Charlie's Almanack locally in Canada? i'd rather forego the shipping cost and time involved.


If you are in Victoria you can borrow my copy.  Other than that I think you'd just have to get really lucky at a used book store.  I think new copies are only distributed through the books website.

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