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Is anyone else getting these questions...?


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People who have generally had no interest in the market over the past few years (friends, colleagues, family members) are now asking me what I think of the market and the new highs it's hitting. I can sense they're soon going to ask what kinds of companies they should invest in. I think the general population's antennas are going up as they sense there may be some "big gains to be had".


I haven't been to any cocktail parties recently, but I imagine stocks will soon be the topic of conversation. I'm not saying we're in a bubble (as I own some very cheap companies that I think will be great investments for the next decade), but I think it's interesting to actually see the public sentiment shift before my eyes.


Anyone else getting these questions? Anyone going to cocktail parties? Can I come?


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In my country ( Thailand) ,financial market becomes very popular topic in many media outlets. Stock market is at 16 years high . Top best selling books are investment/trading-related books. We have 400% run for the market index since 2009's low. I think it is one of the best performing market in the world.  Overall market is trading at 18-19x PER (2012) . But most of the profit comes from tax-cut. Most of  local brokerage houses said market is still cheap because forwarded PER is around 13x.


Some companies trading at sky-high valuation . For example , one low-cost airlines trading at 35x PE(2012), its profit is at record high but analysts said profit will go even higher due to fleet expansion plan so 35xPE is "cheap". IPOs jumps 300% in the first-day ,it can't go higher than that because we have a ceiling price. 7-Eleven franchisee company is tarding at 50xPE and made a 10x run in the last 4 years. Since January , I think more than 30 companies that made more than 100% gain . Total number of listed company is around 600.



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Some guys at my job like to "play" the market.


I don't talk about stocks with them usually but they know I research stocks as a "hobby".


So as the market has headed up they've become more talkative.


I broke down and got into a conversation with them and they wanted to know which stocks I thought were "hot".


I tried to explain that my interests lie with fundamental operating performance, earnings power, business moats, etc.


My co-workers had no idea what I was talking about and just wanted to know what I thought about the price action in Facebook and Zynga.


I've gone back to keeping out of the conversation.

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