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  1. Bought NCTY . Firefall game is great I like it. The licensing deal alone is worth more than currrent market cap
  2. I have been doing meditation for more than 10 years, inconsistently. It is free course here in Thailand. You can download a free English books here. I think this one from this website is easy to understand and you can practise meditation even in a daily life. http://www.dhamma.com/enbooks/
  3. From his Thai book with my translation http://i.imgur.com/7RHfnl7.jpg
  4. If you meant to data of Thai companies, you can use setsmart.com. There are some fee but very cheap. And if you open a trading account with Maybank kimeng online, you can access it for free. My friend approach is very simple. High concentration and leverage. In the investment community, someone even claim a higher return than this. But they are not my friend so I am not sure if the performance is really legit. But in Thailand, if you bought the stock more than 5% of the company you have to report . And if you hold more than 0.5% of total share, when the book closed ,your name will be shown in major shareholder list. So it is traceable in some way but someone use a lot of leverage to buy stock so we don't know the total net worth exactly. There is another famous retail investor in Thailand who wrote a book for more than 10 years. He has a compound return of 40% per year for 15 years .And his track record seem to be legit. because I saw his name appeared in many major shareholder list in Thailand. Last time, I checked he has a portfolio of around $70-80 million. Last year, there is an English book published about him. The book is "The world's 99 greatest investor" http://www.valuewalk.com/2013/11/the-worlds-99-greatest-investors/ I don't won the book ,just found this pic from another forum http://f.ptcdn.info/847/012/000/1385979725-IMG0422JPG-o.jpg His approach is value plus growth . And most of his success is from Retail sector. The retail stock such as CPALL ( 7-11 operator in Thailand) has made 10x return in last 6 years. His holding period is very long as he said he has no intention to sell as long as the business is still good. He use almost zero leverage and purely his own money to invest.
  5. I am from Thailand and currently live here. I have been investing in stock market for about 12 years already both in Thailand and overseas. I know many retail investors who have done extremely well in Thailand's stock market . One of my friend made like 35x return since 2008 ( $4-5 million portfolio now). The market was very inefficient that time. But right now , Thai market is very expensive even after the coup happened. It looks like every domestic investors both retails and funds keep putting money into market. And domestic money is 60-65% of total trading volume now. Japan market has only 30-35% trading volume from local. About Singapore market, last year I bought Mermaid Maritime and sold for a nice double after 4 months. This year i had a position in Hong Leong Asia but not anymore because the turnaround might take loner than I expected and I want to put money to another idea. Malaysia has some interesting stock as well . Zhulian , one of leading MLM in this region looks cheap due to revenue decline in Q1 . But I heard that it is due to price lifting of the product that causes the revenue to decline ( Members bought more in advance before this Q after they knew that the price would rise).
  6. So do you think FB will turn WhatsApp into a Line-like app? Mark said he won't change WhatsApp. But if he want WhatsApp to compete with WeChat or Line ,he has to change it big time.Better to buy Naver Corp ,owner of Line, in Korean market which is valued at $16-17 Billion
  7. LINE is ten time better than WhatsApp ,IMO. I'm based in Thailand .Almost everyone used WhatsApp until 2 years ago when Line came. Free to use and group chat with maximum of 100 people . It is not just a messaging ,it is more like social network app. Line Flash Deal , Line Games , Line Camera. It has 350 million users and making $100 million/ quarter.
  8. Where do you find the CAPE for Singapore market ? And other Asian markets? I tried google it before but info was not up to date. Can you share the link? Thanks
  9. Here is a interesting blog in Quora by Richard Karp. He is an individual investor who tries to be an activist shareholder in small cap tech company. http://qr.ae/NeEpS
  10. In my city, I prefer Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf both for coffee and for a 3rd place.Not sure how is the chain doing in US ?
  11. Just my 2 cent. The undervalued areas are not just micro-cap. It can be whole stock market in some countries . For example, Japan stocks a few year back and maybe S.Korea for now. The problem with micro cap is you are not able to build a meaningful position but it depends on portfolio size as well. With 1-5% position in each micro cap ,I guess that won't make much differences comparing to market return. The key to outperform market and build wealth is concentration in the overlooked sectors/stocks. Warren Buffett does that in his early day. But that might be another topic. I am interesting to hear Nate's return also. He is the real pro is this space.
  12. The high-income private tutors are cery normal across Asia countries. Minhong Yu from China, founder of EDU , even made more money than this back when he started. In Thailand, I think the highest-income tutor who teachs chemistry made more than $10 million a year and it is just the sole tutor with video recording that students pay for. The Asia students want to get into top universities so they study overtime and enroll in tutor school.
  13. I read a couple of book about George Soros. His theory is very well suit to explain behavior of the market . The fair value or economics equilibrium cannot be reached due to market participants. This can example every market that human participate in. Stock market tends to overshoot or undershoot fair value almost every time. Bull market drives valuation to skyhigh level because everyone feared of being dump not to make money. And Bear market is just the opposite. But every market correct itself and turns the corner by a behavior such as IPOs or too much capacity expansion. I feel that the way Soros views the world is more or less similar to Charlie Munger when I read Poor Charlie's Almanack. Both are super smart guys that pursuit different way of life but they share some similar trait and similar "mental models"
  14. There is another publicly traded company , SAUCE:TB . They also has Sriracha-panich sauce for sale in Thailand. But it is a different taste and trademark. http://www.gmsaucethailand.com/2013/03/20/กลุ่มผลิตภัณฑ์ซอสพริก/
  15. i thunk Prem didn't want ICICI to operate a Life insurance unit due to capital constraint. If bank has life insurance unit , the liability of the policy forces the bank to increase tier1 capital. This rule also apply to Bank industry in Thailand so most of thai banks do not have majority stake in life issurer unless it has very strong capital base. Life issurer in Asia is very profitable. For example ,AIA which dominate 50-60% of market share in Thailand , Hong Kong. And most of life issurers are trading at 3-6x of book value. The industry is in better shape here than in developed countries. Edit: AIA market share in Thailand is around 30-35% . 50% was in 6-7 years ago. But the decrease is just market share but new premium written has been increasing for years.
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