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Poll: Are You Prepared For The End of The World?


Are You Prepared For The End of The World Tomorrow?  

74 members have voted

  1. 1. Are You Prepared For The End of The World Tomorrow?

    • No, the Mayans are completely wrong!
    • No, the Mayans are wrong but the Rapture is real and it will come one day!
    • No, the Mayans are wrong, but I am prepared for a cyberattack, terrorist threat or something of that nature!
    • I'm not preparing for the end of the world, but I'm prepared for any sort of minor calamity!
    • The end of the world is going to come when we get hit by a large meteor...and not tomorrow!

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Just checking to see how many nutjobs we have on here, or do many people just get prepared for any sort of normal calamity and not just the end of the world!  Personally, I've always got enough food, water, blankets, propane, etc in my house to last me for about a month...always prepared for a short-term crisis.


By the way, for our resident nutjobs, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand et al are still there, and they are a day ahead.  ;D



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Anyone who was properly prepared won't be able to vote in this poll, because they are locked into their bunkers 3 stories underground sleeping by their 2 years worth of freeze dried food.


I am less prepared than Parsad.  I don't have a month of food in my house.  I do have a stockpile of guns and ammo though. When society collapses not only will that help protect me, but I have a feeling both guns and ammo will be worth more than their weight in gold as far as trading goes.  We also have chickens, rabbits, goats and a huge garden (with the land to make it much larger), so we won't starve.


You have to hand it to the Mayans for their foresight though.  They were correct in that there was no need for their calendar to go past this date.

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This is turning out to be a bit anticlimatic.  I am still here and I blew all my cash on women, and nose candy.

What's worse is that here in Taiwan, 12/22 is a makeup school day. All the kids are disappointed that they have to go to classes.....


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