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Delta Reports


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In 2014, Todd Combs brought up the usefulness of "delta reports," which I believe are simply line-item comparisons of SEC filings. 




In 2022, Todd Combs further emphasized the usefulness of these reports.




So my question for the board is, what is the 1) simplest and 2) easiest way to access such comparisons of SEC filings. Is Bloomberg the best option and how does one do this? I have heard that Bamsec may also be a useful tool. I would like to avoid labor-intensive or complicated methods, such as using third-party software to compare downloaded files, such as doing a comparison in Word or using BeyondCompare from Scooter Software. Would someone who does this regularly provide advice? 


Thanks so much. Handy. 

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Found that Bloomberg has a function called "redline" when you access an SEC filing under the function "CF." And Bamsec does a job if you click on "compare" when reviewing a filing. Both are pretty functional. Question answered. Problem solved. 

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