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Good luck and take care!


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Isen't there missing something in the footer, center location on the preprinted White House paper, small script: "Powered by Twitter"?


Just like we here on CoBF have the following in the footer: "


SMF 2.0.15




SMF © 2017




Simple Machines



[Give credit when credit is due.]


- - - o 0 o - - -


I hope it all turns out good. There is nothing I can do about it. It's just a living condition for me.


Off topic: Finally got court approval today for the financials for the estate of the late mother to the Lady of the House. 15 months of arm wrestling with the Court and The Danish IRS almost over. Spring is here, the sun shines from a blue sky [, and no nukes in sight].

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I'd say the whole damn mess in the world is Wilson's, Coolidge's, Hoover's, Roosevelt's, Truman's, Eisenhower's, Kennedy's, Johnson's, Nixon's, Ford's, Carter's, Reagan's, Bush's, Clinton's, W. Bush's, Obama's, and Trump's fault.



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