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What happened today?


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A couple of months ago, I did some search for a pair of new swimming trunks. I ended up on swimsuitsforall.com, somehow. Since then I have been flooded with ads from Gaby Fresh here on CoBF. Now that is quite demanding about staying focused while reading. She hasen't pulled me to the buttom yet, though. Perhaps I should send her my cookie.

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I have no idea why, but today this site has ad's that keep pulling my screen to the bottom of the page and sticking me there for seconds before I can move back up. This is happening every couple minutes. Driving me crazy.


Hi Flesh,


That has nothing to do with the ads.  Are you using a new mouse?  You may be clicking on the scroll wheel on the mouse when moving up and down, and it will lock in the direction you clicked it. 


Would love to hear if anyone else had this issue, as this is the first time I've heard of it...if related to ads.



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