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High Quality Mexican Companies


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Something tells me that in the near future Mr. Market will behave in such a way that investment opportunities will become available in Mexico. As such I thought we should maybe put together a list of high quality Mexican companies along the lines of which we like: established, good moat, shareholder friendly, good management, long runway, etc.


I'll go first: FEMSA

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This is a good post, the Mexican stock market has been overvalued for some time now but definitely there will be better entry points in the future, especially with the current backdrop. Country has good market system, ok political system and very attractive demographics (large and growing middle class, young population, low credit penetration etc.)


I would add:


-Arca Continental (second largest bottler)

-Unifin Financiera (leasing company)

-ALFA (large industrial conglomerate)

-Alpek (chemicals)

-Bimbo (consumer staples, largest bread company)

-Televisa (largest hispanic media company)


Haven't done a lot of research on any of these, but having worked a couple of years with Mexican clients I can say these are good names to keep an eye on.

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