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Jet.com - big discount on products thanks to VC money


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Looks like Jet.com has partnered with Yahoo to give $15 off the first $50 order. 

I saw it on Yahoo's front page.




I literally ordered ~$80 of stuff for $35.  The $80 being the lowest price for equivalent AMZN stuff. 


I guess JET.com will make up their losses with volume    :)


Jets business model makes no sense at all. 

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Guest Schwab711

Thank you LongHaul! I was just about to buy a lot of this stuff on AMZN so I'm glad I got distracted. Site is working for me fareastwarriors.

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What types of products are you guys buying that you find it cheaper at jet.com?  I have a bunch of computer/networking stuff in my wishlist at amazon right now and everything I look for at Jet either isn't found at all, or is much cheaper on Amazon.  For instance the HP laser printer I'm thinking of buying is $70 cheaper at Amazon than Jet.  I looked up some vitamins that I usually order on Amazon and the price is about the same (Jet is less than $0.50 cheaper on a $24.xx item).  Thanks for the tip about the free $10, I might try to find some stuff like the vitamins to get the free $10, but I don't see me using Jet in the future.


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What types of products are you guys buying that you find it cheaper at jet.com?


Some groceries are cheaper on Jet.

Amazon's 3rd-party grocers are notoriously overpriced.

When I needed granola, I bought it on Walmart.com

Jet.com price is similar to Walmart.com

Amazon prices were 1.5x-3x supermarket / Walmart.com prices.

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Found a stepladder $10 cheaper than Amazon, same item number.


BTW, you can get free 6 month membership with membership code FREE6. This is in addition to $10 off code.

There were 12 month membership codes, but they are apparently not working anymore - but might be worth trying.

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The 15 count of Mach3 razors were ~$24 on jet.  $29 on Amazon. 

Not sure why, but there were some additional discounts above the $15 in my cart for the basket of products I ordered.


If you buy some of their special deals, you get an additional incremental discount for each special deal in your basket - at least that was my understanding. It doesn't add up to huge savings, but maybe an extra few bucks on a $50-$100 order. Also, you can receive other discounts for waiving the ability to return, etc. I haven't done a broad based comparison of jet vs amazon vs walmart, but it seems that it's still worth shopping around to get the best deal from each.

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