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Favorite Economist Blogs?


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He's not very chatty but I'll read anything that Joe Stiglitz has to say. He's probably the best economist of our generation and probably the next.


Paul Krugman. I may not agree with some of his personal beliefs but the man is a brilliant economist.


Corner of Berkshire & Fairfax. A collection of smart and thoughtful people.

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I would add Bonddad Blog.  While I disagree with their political views they provide some interesting commentary on the economy. 




an excerpt

First, inflation continues to be confined almost exclusively to housing.  The below graph comparing CPI for shelter (blue) vs. everything else (red) continues to show housing inflation a little on the "hot" side, while everything else remains in the most severe deflation in the last 50 years outside of the Great Recession:




an excerpt:

An important longer-term note of caution is that this report (July Jobs), even moreso than most this year, significantly underperformed what the near-record population adjusted rate of initial jobless claims predicted. Hiring is lagging firing, and the YoY growth in employment looks increasingly likely to have peaked.  That tells me we are in the 6th or 7th inning of thhis expansion.  We are beginning to run out of time for significant real and nominal wage growth before the next recession hits, and that means the odds of actual wage deflation in the next recession are starting to increase.


You can always get some interesting facts here:



Permabull Brian Wesbury at First Trust



You can't go wrong with Scott Grannis who was already mentioned. 



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