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  1. Jumped on the PAH3 wagon. Also took a starter position in KIST.
  2. Great track record of buying low and selling high.
  3. Started looking into Kistos, CEO appears to have an exceptional track record. Harbour energy would also be one to add to the list to look into.
  4. CVX is 5x the size of OXY, so his ownership in CVX is lower... it would be difficult to obtain an equal equity size in OXY without substantially pushing the price up. And up until recently, he was not even allowed to do this.
  5. Yeah that should be cents not € my bad, I'll correct it. It was also 0.25€ for electricity, not 0.15€. Still a lot more than Canada I see but Belgium is #8 if I'm correct in high electricity prices.
  6. Yeah solar panels + heat pumps are popular here. You already need a well insulated house for this to be economically attractive though, even at these gas prices. It's quite an investment cost. Additionally, I like to add that here in Belgium roughly 10% of the population gets what is know as the 'social price'. Which is about 0.03€/kwh for gas and 0.25€/kwh for electricity. For these people, the solar panel + heat pump system is simple not lucrative due to the relative cheap prices & big gap between gas & electricity.
  7. Kistos looks interesting. I can't find earnings for Q1&Q2 on their website, only full year 2021, do they not report this? The fact that we already have record high gas prices in the summer makes for a very interesting winter to come.
  8. Goverments here are securing energy so for the middle class it will just be a higher energy bill. I'm assuming goverments will also intervene for the lower class as the total bill is increasing substantially and some might not be able to afford it. Here in Belgium they have already cut the tax on gas from 21% to 9% until the end of the year and will likely continue this.
  9. https://www.fxstreet.com/economic-calendar/event/bcf389bd-5fe2-4bd1-b1e0-d0b3910ba944
  10. Don't think the world needs it, but I would appreciate though, have quite some funds coming in at the end of the year.
  11. Anyone in mind? Cause I remember even Buffet held on to his IBM investment for 6 years ending break even.
  12. It isn't, but the whole 'this person did x and did well' argument is a fallacy. That's like smokers saying "my grandfather smoked and he lived to be 97". I don't have a problem with cloning but actually cloning with success is difficult. There could be additional hedges you are unaware of, you might not clone the entire portfolio and pick more losers than winners, you can clone someone who was really good in a certain macro environment and now the environment changed, he starts losing money... I see little value in cloning guys like Buffet or Ackman when you can just buy BRK or PSH, unless you are certain that a certain pick will outperform their average portfolio but in that case you need to do some due diligence anyway.
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