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  1. yes it's called the Mixpresso! I think it was about half the price of the actual branded machines or maybe not quite that cheap but significantly so. anyway I really hesitated because the environmentalist in me is very sad LOL but the coffees pretty good and adds some variety to my life. especially with work at home covid life. on the other hand I do try to buy the branded pods and then get the free recycling bags to return to them. I remember reading a study about how the pods are actually less environmentally impactful than drip coffee which surprised me. but according to the study, the majority of the environmental impact is due to the coffee beans, and since espresso pods use so little coffee like OMG so little coffee :-), that makes up for the waste of the pod.. plus if I actually recycle it, that will use up a whole pile of energy to smelt the aluminum but at least that will get reused instead of put in a landfill somewhere... all the little debates between the characters in my head
  2. hmm.. I got a nespresso clone machine during the pandemic, does that count?
  3. What's your strategy here? Some sort of arb?
  4. oof that bit about the medical association limiting supply really hits a hot button. In the meantime healthcare costs keep on climbing....
  5. Interesting that Bitcoin seems better than ETH now, I thought it was the opposite before. What's the state of Bitcoin cash? Wasn't that supposed to solve this issue? Also how about all the mining/climate/carbon impact? Are any strategies to mitigate that panning out?
  6. ha. Those are non-elites who can't afford to retire in state! The actual 'elites' stay
  7. Anyone here know what the state of crypto and transactions is? Last I read Bitcoin and Ethereum had major transaction issues, meaning the scale of the system had not gotten there. Ie the requirement to get the blockchain updated was a costly and major impediment to someone 'paying for coffee w/ crypto'.
  8. Apologies for the political click bait title of this video. I thought it was interesting though wrt housing, especially in CA and NY. Basically the 'yes, but not in my backyard' issue.
  9. POWERUP 4.0: Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane - POWERUP® (poweruptoys.com) Flying paper airplanes with my kid and smartphone
  10. I guess I'll be keeping my 1997 for another year...
  11. There are many options variations and enough greeks to shake a stick at. You do generally want to sell short term and buy long term, but even that has exceptions. Usually I buy LEAPs fairly ITM on long term solid companies and hold enough cash where I'm not overly leveraged. Were I to sell puts I'd probably become leveraged. I know folks who oversold puts and got wiped out a couple of times cause they weren't careful. Just cause there's no money out of your pocket doesn't mean there couldn't be. That said, I'm probably too conservative at times
  12. What happened to make V and MA drop? Any thoughts on impact short or long term?
  13. Oh I've certainly done this. Several cases where selling credits (either short puts or covered calls) have been some of the 'worse' financial decisions. I've learned to never go all in on credit selling. I'll always have some unlimited upside left open, mostly for psychological reasons, but also because if you cut off all your unlimited gains you'll likely greatly limit your returns over time. Plus it's easier to buy a leap and get unlimited (in theory) gains vs sell credits over 16-30ish months and manage those positions. Especially if you're busy
  14. @ERICOPOLY why these particular strikes and expiration? If you don't mind sharing
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