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networth (usd) poll

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better if we can do a poll on age vs networth


I'd be interested to see that. Can a poll thread be made that has more than 1 poll question? I'd break down the net-worth question into different age brackets but I don't want to do it by making 5+ threads.

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I was just discussing such things over the weekend with a friend, explaining the concept of stock vs. flow. We are both mid-20's, I have plenty of debt from grad school, while she has none due to help from the parents and working during school (I played a sport, made working impossible during undergrad). Anyway, I out-earn her by a decent margin, but she has a positive net worth while mine is negative. She argues I am better off (earnings power), while I say maybe her ("book value"). Just thought it was interesting to discuss.

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When I was 25...i almost have -ve net worth.


I absolutely had a negative net worth at age 25.  I bought my first house at age 24, so I had a 6 figure mortgage + high 5 figure student loans and a low 5 figure car loan.  I had a descent job, but just starting to invest.

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