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  1. LearningMachine, why don't you "learn" more about it and get back to us? You have been consistently bashing CCP and China without any solid backing. Seems very odd for you to keep posting all these bad things about investing in Chinese companies and then ask if anyone look into it.
  2. We are thinking to rent as well. But rental availability in the area that we are interested in are absolutely scarce. Many moved out from downtown to Suburban due to COVID and WFH. And some owners want to sell now rather than rent their properties out. The move will be permanent (for now) and I am afraid to carry a big mortgage as I think the real impact of COVID and consequences of government policy during it is yet to come... Thanks everyone!
  3. Was going to move to either Vancouver or Toronto last year. COVID changed things. And now, houses in both locations are like 30% 40% more (yes, from 700k to 1.1 million ).... Our relatives there are saying there is no sign of slowing down neither. My wife thinks we should defer our move until the insanity eases. Thoughts?
  4. Feb printed tons of money in 08/09.... we didn't have inflation then? why now?
  5. I was bullish on it. but man, it sucks to see a few management sell large portion of their share during the run up (not even close to the top)
  6. I am selling a stock in my iTrade account today, the bid is lower than what's available in my IB account. I placed my sell based on my IB bid.. it won't get executed... I can sell the stock in IB with higher BID... I guess the 6.99 is not really 6.99.
  7. not so if this guy is in charge.. he is in one of Biden's advisors ??? https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/11/biden-covid-advisor-says-us-lockdown-of-4-to-6-weeks-could-control-pandemic-and-revive-economy.html He said the government could borrow enough money to pay for a package that would cover lost income for individuals and governments during a shutdown. “We could pay for a package right now to cover all of the wages, lost wages for individual workers for losses to small companies to medium-sized companies or city, state, county governments. We could do all of that,” he said. “If we did that, then we could lockdown for four-to-six weeks.” “The problem with the March-to-May lockdown was that it was not uniformly stringent across the country. For example, Minnesota deemed 78 percent of its workers essential,” they wrote in the New York Times. “To be effective, the lockdown has to be as comprehensive and strict as possible.”
  8. Mortgage fraud Fake income statements pay stubs Moving money around from relatives just before mortgage approval. Fake employment letter Were the norm The motto was get in before it’s too late. Now it’s too late.
  9. There are billions of shadow banks and p2p mortgage up there. Median income of 60 70k, average house price near 1m. 50 percent of condo buyers are investors not end users. Half of those are in negative cash flow position. It’s going to be very ugly. Btw, BC is cracking down millions of illegal money that are tunnelling throughout real estate as well.
  10. understood the uncertainty introduced by the sunset clause.. but isn't the uncertainty there anyways? why not get it done, wait five years and hope Trump will be gone by then. I agree to some, even without the sunset clause, if I have large US customer base, I will open a factory in US just to be safe.
  11. Trump or any future president or prime minster can tear it apart anyways even without the sunset clause? What am i missing?
  12. The general thinking or misunderstanding is real estate is risk free always go up or can't come down too much and is best way to save up for retirement. The return is huge tho. 20% down and house up 30% yoy... Thats 150% return. And most just flip assignment so capital cost is even lower. Get in before it's too late. Unfortunately those ppl have been right for last two decades. We will see what next decade brings.
  13. I don't believe that's correct. There are definitely non-economic factors at play, just like with buying a car (what brand projects the type of image that I want to show? Will it attract a mate? etc), but money is still a big factor and not everyone is driving a Tesla or Maserati just because that's what they'd really want deep down. Right now what pushes people to overpay for real estate is the belief that prices can't go down for any period (so FOMO + fear of being priced out + we'll just take the equity out later to pay for consumption). If that psychology changes, or if lots of people start being unable to make ends meet as interest rates keep raising and RE rules are tightened, things will change... If you adjust for inflation, most generations in the past didn't buy the equivalent of million+ dollar houses (especially not ones that are just regular houses and not luxury mansions). If you understand Mandarin, listen to those Chinese radio station in Toronto, its commercials are mostly ask ppl to buy houses.
  14. still up like 20% yoy in Toronto. the 40% run in a year was too much..... not sure how ppl can afford one... it will be like mortgage for life even for middle class family.
  15. what is everyone's guess about Toronto's house prices going forward. it dropped 15 20 percent from peak, but still up 15 20 percent from last year and that's after 20 years of gain.. more upside? flat? more downside?
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