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What is the best way to study Buffet?


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I'd say that to save time, read the wiki on him then read all his letters to shareholders, ever.


Then sit down and start reading financial statements of companies you are interested investing in. You'll understand him better if you're fluent in reading financial reports.


Of course there are various biographies of the man, but I'm not sure they provide huge added value. Can't hurt if you have the time.

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Any of his articles, writings, bio etc?


I still recommend Andy Kilpatrick's book "Of Permanent Value" for anyone wanting to know about Berkshire.  It's not an investing book, but a historical retrospective of Buffett, Berkshire and everything associated with it.


For investment reading, there is nothing better than his own annual letters.  Hands down the best piece of writing you are going to read, because it is from the man himself.  If you read those letters, you will know 80% of what you will ever have to know about business and investing.  The other 20% comes from actually doing it, failing and succeeding.  Cheers!

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