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Online Learning, En Masse


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Right now the ones I know of are


for university level courses:

coursera, udacity, edx, udemy


for slightly younger crowds there's also

Khan Academy


and for professional stuff there's

Lynda.com, teamtreehouse, codeacademy


There are many others.  It's a wild world out there.  Access to educational material is becoming ubiquitous.  I really wonder how things will be for higher education in 10-15 years..



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I just enrolled in Game Theory in Coursera. After one lecture that I just finished, it's interesting and really well done.


I'm four weeks into How to Reason and Argue and I've gotten a little tired of it. I'm three weeks behind now in fact.

I previously tried a programing course and in just two short weeks discovered I'm not interested in programing.

Someone here mentioned Irrational Behavior. I'm signed up for that. It starts in a few months. I'm signed up for about ten courses in the future and will obviously drop most.


What I should take is typing and spelling.

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