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The Manual of Ideas Interview with Guy Spier


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I enjoyed Guy's interview very much,... watched it twice, a thing which I rarely do.

I didn't knew that he shared tutorials with David Cameron, the British prime minister, as students in Oxford.


<snip>...  Cameron then began his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) in Oxford. His tutor, Professor Vernon Bogdanor, described him as "one of the ablest"[32] students he has taught, with "moderate and sensible Conservative" political views.[8] Guy Spier, who shared tutorials with him remembers him as an outstanding student; "We were doing our best to grasp basic economic concepts. David - there was nobody else who came even close. He would be integrating them with the way the British political system is put together. He could have lectured me on it, and I would have sat there and taken notes.."[33] When commenting in 2006 on his former pupil's ideas about a "Bill of Rights" to replace the Human Rights Act, however, Professor Bogdanor, himself a Liberal Democrat, said, "I think he is very confused. I've read his speech and it's filled with contradictions. There are one or two good things in it but one glimpses them, as it were, through a mist of misunderstanding".   ...</snip>


source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Cameron#Education


here's also some good other interview of Guy Spier from the Manual of Ideas:


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I found accidentally some good transcript of last years interview with Guy Spiers in Zurich.




Exclusive Interview Transcript

(lightly edited, may contain errors)

Interviewee: Guy Spier, CEO, Aquamarine Capital

Interviewer: John Mihaljevic,

Date and place of interview: November 2011, Zurich, Switzerland


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aug 2012 9.1% annualized return vs. s&p 500 4.5%, since inception in 1997, very respectable performance, high fee though (25% over 6% hurdle rate......)





Sounds reasonable as I think that's that no management fee structure... similar to what pabrai and buffett did.


Is the 9.1% before or after fees?

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Anyone know of Guy Spier's track record?


He's usually associated with Pabrai so i'm just curious if he has similar returns to his.


Why is he always with Pabrai?  I hadn't heard of him until I saw him with Pabrai on the UC video.


They are both good friends for a long time, and had both together the charity dinner with Buffett. Spiers was also a former member at the advisory board of Mohnish's Dakshana Foundation.

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