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Buffett Bet $3.6B on Stocks in Quarter Before Rout


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A "good" market timer, he is not  :P



I don't think he should given that many of the holdings have been trading at lower valuations than summer 2010. And maybe he is buying this very instant.  :)


And people said the same thing in 2008 when he went in "too early".  



They could have bought a bunch of things.

- WFC is down a lot but already a very large size of the portfolio;

- JNJ is still as cheap as last year;

- WMT is even cheaper;

- MA (but I doubt they would have bought a lot of it, not in the order of $1b+ imo);

- ADM;

- ... ?

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Exactly what I tought when I saw the current cash position, with the redemption of GS and Swiss Re investments, as well as Ge which will come this fall. So a lot of cash availabe with a perfect timing for Buffet with the market going down. Maybe he will buy more common stock than in March 2009 this time, with more cash to deploy.

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