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I remember seeing…


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* Jacques Lamaire’s shot from near centre ice in game 7 of the 1971 Stanley Cup Final get by Tony Esposito, a fluke which was the beginning of the end for the Blackhawks that game. (Actually, I heard on the radio that as they did not televise the finals in those days).


* Bobby Hull, past his prime but still a hero, leaving for the WHL Winnipeg Jets…it felt like I lost an uncle


* Epic battles in the early 80’s between the Hawks and the Minnesota North Stars which did not border on pure hatred, they WERE pure hatred.


* Denis Savard displaying skating skills which had not been seen before and haven’t been duplicated since.


* Chris Chelios taking one anyone, irrespective of size, giving heart and soul night after night, but never being able to hoist the cup as a Blackhawk.


* A rookie named Jeremy Roenick spitting his chipped teeth into his glove to show the official after a particularly brutal cross check, then scoring on the ensuing power play.


* Mario Lemieux culminating a Penguins comeback with 9 seconds left from a 4-1 deficit to win Game 1 of the 1992 Stanley Cup Finals. The Hawks were swept but were outscored by only 5 total goals in the loss. I hate to think of how many beers it took to drown the sorrows after game 4 ended.


* The once proud and successful Chicago NHL franchise become so irrelevant that they were outdrawn on Sunday afternoon by the AHL Chicago Wolves. Dead serious about that.


* A renaissance which resulted in the first Stanley Cup close to half a century.


Pardon my indulgence, but this was a long time coming.



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Crip - Do you live in downtown Chicago?  I'm in the Lincoln Park area.  Things were going crazy the other night...people in the streets and cabs honking all night, literally had trouble sleeping. 


I am originally from out of state, but we do not have a real hockey team where I'm from, so I've tried to adopt the blackhawks the last couple years.  I have a friend who is a diehard fan, holds season tickets, and was stuck on a flight from Chi to Seattle for work during the game...that's just cruel.

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Congragulations Stephen for that well deserved cup from your team!


Our Montreal Canadiens were a very good surprise this year (their performance in the series was a "Fairfax like" turnaround if you compare it to the regular season)  and here in Quebec we were delighted by them, but in the end the best must wins and this year, it's been Chicago! Hat off to them!


I hope you had a nice celebration.



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