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Do you know/use any good tools/softwares to use during the investment research process?

For me it's currently a bunch of excels, notebooks, printouts etc. but nothing really structured. So far I only found a few enterprise solutions, which are however not accessible to individual investors.

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I don't use an awful lot either.


I use a PDF editor - Microsoft Edge atm - in which I highlight and take short notes on 10k's and such.

As I work through an idea I'll take longer notes and grab quotes etc. from call transcripts and other docs which I do in Microsoft Word and I'll eventually paste them in to the main document - the pdf - I've been taking notes on - usually the most recent 10k/AR.


I'll also typically pen and paper up a bunch of stuff in a note book as I go - usually I'll compile important financial data here - work through a valuation model - draw cap structures if they're complex or a breakdown of subsidiaries and such and note some of the more objective and concrete things I'm using to build my valuation or want to keep tabs on.


So I pretty much end up with the most recent 10k which I've blanked a few pages on and copy pasted some notes from a bunch of sources over the top - this typically runs 2 - 4 pages and my literal paper notebook which will have a 1 or 2 pager which shows how I've worked through a valuation, inclusive of any scribbling, adjusting I do (I find it easier to note and easier to retain if I do it there) plus anything I want to draw/diagram. I'll throw some brief notes on the pdf doc too outlining what I came up with valuation wise so it's easy and quick to address.


The thing I'd like most (although not enough to pay for it - clearly ha ha) is a site that does 10yr (or longer) financials for a bunch of markets. QuickFS is great for US, Can, Uk but outside of that I find it tricky to find anything that's consistent. TIKR was good - I should probably just suck it up and pay.

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16 hours ago, jfan said:

Has anyone used openbb.co?

Yeah, it looks good on first site, but I am much faster using custom search engines in chrome. For example typing sec and the ticker brings me to the sec filings, tv brings me to tradingview. Sadly it does not work for Tikr, but for many others its perfect and awesome. 

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On 9/11/2022 at 10:52 AM, Spekulatius said:

I use the paid version of tikr. Huge time saver and well worth it. It’s the only info source I pay for.


+1 I also pay for tikr.com - Great tool for the price. 


I also pay for seekingalpha - Whenever I am learning about a company I like to read through the history of articles and see both bear and bull takes on a company. I prefer the subjective reading on a company at seeking alpha and analyze numbers within Tikr.com

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