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Bills Super Bowl LV Champions?


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The only dependable part of the Steelers game all season was Rothlisberger until they went into the mini-slump.  Their defence isn't what it used to be, so I think they are vulnerable...same problem with Seattle.  As long as their star quarterbacks are playing well, and their defence is playing ok, they have a shot. 


Whereas I think both Kansas and the Bills are very well rounded teams this season...from their quarterbacks, offensive line, defensive line, special teams, running game...both teams are well balanced to go all the way.  I think it was almost guaranteed that Kansas would repeat until Edwards-Allaire got hurt.  Not only was Mahomes playing well, but the running game with Leveon Bell and Edwards-Allaire was almost unstoppable.  Add Kelce as arguably the best tight end in the game taking over from Gronk...well, they looked damn good!


I was expecting more from Lamar Jackson this year.  I thought they had a really good shot as well, but Jackson is the one who is a little more erratic this season, even though he's still putting up good overall numbers.


Then there's Tom...Tampa looked rough from game to game early on, but they are really coming on with good defence.  Never count Brady out! 


The saddest story is the Jets have started winning...just as they were about to win the draft lottery and get arguably one of the best quarterback prospects in the last decade...and that's saying ALOT!  Poor Jets fans!  Cheers!



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