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J.P "Rick" Guerin Jnr 1929 - 2020


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Many, many years ago I had the good fortune to share a plane ride with him while working the McKenzie Valley Pipeline between the Fall and Winter semesters. Our bush-plane had been delayed, I needed to get to the Beaufort quickly, and he had a spare seat and room on the floor for my gear. I had no idea who he was, at the time I was in my 2nd year of petroleum engineering at university, had been in Canada for barely 2 years, both Canada and I were 'adapting' to each other, and the oil boom was weeks away from collapse.   


We ended up betting that I would do far better in business, that I would in engineering, and exchanged signed $10 bills (his American $10 for my Canadian $10 - as I'm not dumb!). The oil collapse was brutal, and ultimately I ended up switching from petroleum engineering, via geology, to business (finance/acctg) - picking up some business scholarships along the way. Came graduation day, when I gave the signed $10 note to my dean, I found out who he was. Following which we arranged for the bill to be archived.


Needless to say we got on famously - as I wasn't the only former bootlegger on the plane!

Salt of the earth, and sadly gone now.







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