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Civilizations VI - Expansion: Gathering Storm (Steam PC)

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I started playing this game for the first time in years because of the quarantine and it’s been a little addictive.


If you have played it before then you might appreciate: One more turn!


This time I asked some of my oldest friends if they would be interested in playing because it’s competitive and I needed something to replace sports. The game is actually conducive to playing over long periods of time. Like chess by email back when that was a thing. Also, because it’s turn based and slow, if you make 1 move a day it takes almost no time. Although the load time might be annoying. I have several games going now so it might be a move or two in each game per day. I’m setting expectations because one of my friends likes action and wants to do live trash talk as opposed to over WhatsApp every four days.


All that being said, playing with people you know is addictive. Mostly because you feel better then them when you crush their dreams. Anyway, it’s a fun game because it’s politics and strategy and I thought there is likely some amazing competition on this board and I want to see if I’m any good. Plus we could do the trash talk here.


That’s if political talk about imaginary politics is allowed on the new site.


I’m not sure if anyone will respond to this so PM me if anyone wants to set up a game or three (it’s nice to have a few turns to make if you decide to load everything up).


Also, even if no one wants to play with me. You should still give it a shot. What inspired me to buy the game a few years ago was Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. I could hear him narrate the key turning points in a game. I know I’m a nerd. If you like ancient history and gold based economies it can be an immersive distraction from the real world and whatever is going to happen with our economy.


Thanks for reading.

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Just had to say I love Civilization and played since the original. I have spent quarantine renovating my second floor which includes the office (This began pre-covid). So unfortunately I cannot get away with purchasing the new title.  I would inevitably get sucked in and all other extracurriculars would cease.

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Civ VI was available for free for some time on Epics Game Store. I missed it. I guess I was not that interested.  ::)


I may have mentioned that I started investing in stocks because one day I realized that instead of spending time trying to win in imaginary world, I could spend time winning (making money) in real world. And the rest, as they say, is history.  ;)


I still play. But not strategy games. They take too much time IMO.

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I used to be a big Civ 4 player, haven't picked it up since then. I know a few people that are playing and seem to enjoy it. I'm currently on a Football Manager 2020 binge, taking a club from the 4th tier of the German Regionalliga Bayern up to the Bundesliga. Nice way to kill some time while waiting for markets to get interesting again. Similar to Jurgis, I kind of had a similar 'lightbulb' go off in my head but mine was: instead of running a video game football team, I could make enough cash in the markets to buy a real team.

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Civ 6 is definitely a lot better than Civ4.


I think I spend about half an hour day on it so not finding it taking up a ton of time.


I can’t spend all my time looking/thinking about markets (I am a full time investor) so I find this an intellectually stimulating hobby.


Of course to each his own.

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