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Australian market


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I follow some funds there.  Of most interest for us non-Australian investors are the sizeable number of listed companies (i.e. closed-end funds) which must be getting to some serious discounts.


Individual stocks I'm not so good at.


Maybe take a look at WH Soul Pattinson, which is a family-controlled diversified holding company. From memory it had a good reputation.  I think it would be lazy to say an 'Australian Berkshire', but you get the drift.



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There was an article yesterday about Australia having the most success in fighting the virus:




But it looks like their major banks are cutting payouts substantially -- it's interesting what a high ownership of the banks is held by retail investors, up to 50% of one of the big four:





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I'm long AMA Group and down 75 pct in like a month. Insiders have been buying.

Thing is up almost 300 pct from when I wrote - from down 75 pct to up 50 pct. What a rollercoaster. Hope others limped in, crazy setup and despite runup insiders still buying. Haven't sold, suddenly 15 pct of portfolio.


Haven't done any work but another aussie idea might be Village Roadshow, Mittleman is long.

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