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Recommendations for Quebec City


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I am going to be in QC with my 12 year old son for 3 days in a couple of weeks.  We're both history buffs and so we have some ideas of to do.


Does anyone have any recommendations of what to see and restaurants suggestions?  Neither of us are big seafood fans but thought since we will be there would love to do French bistros. 


Thanks in advance,



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If history is your thing, most of the 'action' lies within the old section which is still pseudo-fortified.

For restaurants and bistros, a lot of places feel like tourist attractions and I won't offer any specific recommendations but I usually find good spots (reasonable cuisine and European feel) either on St-Jean street inside the fortifications or in the Petit Champlain district. If that's what you're looking for, the Château Frontenac serves brunches that are expensive but worth the price.


Here are some generic references:






The last reference is something I did (2 families with children aged within reasonable distance from 12) 2 or 3 years ago. I just checked and they offer the tour in English. What you do is, after registration (there are several options), you walk the old part of the City with a hand-held device and follow the itinerary, looking for cues and answering questions. The interest of this tour for you may be that it is a way to get oriented, to learn some historic trivia and to spot places where you may want to hang around, visit, eat etc. Walking requires energy because flat sections are rare!

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Thanks for the suggestions.  I'm currently reading a book, The Battle for Quebec, and the locations and suggestions all appear in the book.  We will probably visit those places as my son has read the book as well.


I meant to ask these questions in my original post. 


Is English widely spoken so I can get by without French?

Are restaurants casual enough to wear shorts and collared shirts? 


I am assuming the answer to both is yes but as the great Benny Hill said, you should never assume.



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^I agree with beerbaron.

Around this time of year and up to early August, there is New France Festival and an urban circus show (in the street, impressive, free but difficult to get a good spot to see) that you may want to look into.

When visiting the Plains of Abraham, you will be able to clearly visualize (well preserved and well documented) what happened in 1759. If you have any historical questions about that aspect, do not hesitate to PM me and I think I could provide balanced answers or references.


Here's one which may be useful:




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