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Fake News!


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Thanks for posting this. Two totally separate reactions:

  • In terms of investing, it’s easy to see how people can make serious money (or be easily duped) by “pump and dump”. Members of this board will likely not be impacted by this directly as we tend to be pragmatic in our approaches, but members of the general public would not be so insulated. “A fool and his money are soon parted” comes to mind. So…thinking selfishly, no harm, no foul, and if a holding of mine is pumped or dumped, then I can likely take advantage. All good.
  • In terms of greater social impact, this is nothing short of frightening. I’ve had both Conservative and Liberal friends refer to Snopes as wholly inaccurate…an agent for the other side. Clearly, that’s not possible. A significant portion of the population is driven by ideologies as opposed to facts or human character. We are repulsed by bad behavior but ONLY repulsed when the bad behavior is perpetrated by those with whom we disagree. Fake news panders to this in no uncertain terms, and it scares the hell out of me. There’s a science to this and the “scientists” are getting better and better. I fear for how this all ends.


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