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FFH recent slide


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I kind of thought buybacks were driving it up at the close from 700-770.  Here it seems like a reversion where one or two big players are using that price bump to get out.


Or someone knows something.


Or it is random stochastic movement.


Who knows?


Narratives are fun but not useful. I added at 700 today.

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No idea what's driving this move. Interesting, though, is that FFH's price is moving inversely to MKL(2018.5.17 - 2018.6.17 MKL was down 2.8% and FFH was up 6%. Since then FFH is down 9% and MKL is up 3%). Something similar happened during Q1 of this year as well.



If FFH moves below US$500 I'll most likely add, else, I'll wait on earnings. We've had a few instances of good earnings and the price moving sharply higher within the week. If earnings come back solid and there's not an immediate move, I may add then as well.




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That's one of the things that I like - but find confusing - about FFH is that after posting good results, there is often a delay of several days before the stock price reacts. It's almost like having advance notice of the results.


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