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  1. IMO the biggest news here is the value put on OR. If OMMERS and CCBIP are willing to pay up based on a 9B valuation, what is the total FFH really worth?
  2. STelco reports record revenue in Q3 and increased dividend by 50%
  3. Turns out BRIT lost some points due to KI startup costs.
  4. This headline is all I have. It showed up on my bank investment site. Stay tuned!
  5. -- Earnings Flash (FFH.TO) FAIRFAX FINANCIAL Posts Q3 Net Earnings of US$462.4 Million ($16.44 Net Earnings Per Diluted Share After Payment of Preferred Share Dividends)
  6. Glider, do you have any concrete information/ insight to support your belief Q3 will deliver negative cr results? The reason I ask is those companies that have already reported are showing/expressing glowing results.
  7. Viking once again you’ve demonstrated through great examples and deep analysis the multi dimensional nature of this business and, by extension, the complex thinking behind its leaders’ decision-making. iMany thanks.
  8. 1) if you don’t know them you have no way of knowing they wouldn’t have been selected. Unlikely yes but not impossible given their business focus and background. 2) as large shareholders and eventually very large shareholders they have the right to be there and rather sooner than later for all kinds of practical reasons.
  9. And SD, you base that assessment on what? Gut feel, hearsay, commonly accepted biases or a deep understanding and knowledge of the individuals.
  10. Don’t if it would effect BB position sale but FFH is now in pre release quiet period.
  11. At the time, many had argued that share buybacks was preferable to a dividend.
  12. You’re right TwoCities, they pulled out of NY SE because SEC wasn’t onerous enough
  13. Based on your clearly articulated analysis and recommended approach to poor investments, maybe it’s time to take your own advice Greg……and dump this dog right now!
  14. My apologies Greg…..you apparently don’t limit your misrepresentations to Prem….you’ve now broadened your scope to include what me too. I’m honoured!
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