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Baupost Q4 2017 letter

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He discusses "disruptive change" in the tech sector and while he feels traditional value (e.g. companies like Macy's that are being "attacked by Amazon") will never "let you down", he's convinced that "the new firms that are seeking to displace the older incumbents" won't "give you up" though "many of these companies seem very fully valued."


Baupost Q4 2017 Letter



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MH was bored and apparently had little to do on Friday night.



I was drinking on a Friday night and for some reason decided to check two of my favorite value investing message boards (the other being the subreddit "Security Analysis") before going to bed. Both of them had lots of people asking for the Baupost q4 letter. So I decided to have some fun...


I had forgotten I had done that until I woke up to a few PMs asking for the letter.


Very happy at least a few people appreciated it.


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You guys had me hook, line and sinker.


I was at a science event for my son when I read this thread. Not wanting to read the letter just standing, I searched and chose a comfy spot to read, and when the link too me to YouTube, I turned on cellular which I turned off for YouTube and vola, the song comes. Determined I try it a couple of more times.



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