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Straight from the King


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Also from the King.


"“I was too dumb to realize [the opportunity with Amazon],” Buffett said on CNBC. Amazon shares have quintupled since 2011. “I did not think [bezos] could succeed on the scale he has.”



Kings are not infallible.


True, but I don't think those two things are quite comparable. There are hundreds of stocks that went huge over the years that Buffett didn't buy for whatever reason. Who catches them all? Impossible.


But Buffett is usually very careful not to take a position on assets being in bubbles unless he feels pretty strongly about it. He does it very rarely. He did it famously at sun valley. And he kind of did it now.


Doesn't mean he's right, but it's not the same kind of threshold as admitting to missing Amazon or Google or whatever.

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Better than gold? 14 days to clear payments from one of the biggest proponents... I wish I had the "crying while laughing out loud emoticon"!!!






"The conference organizer, Moe Levin, earlier told Bitcoin.com that his company was working to get bitcoin cash or other digital assets with cheaper fees integrated into the ticketing system."


The CEO of Bitcoin.com is Roger Ver.  LOL.

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