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Favorite Short Idea?


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Short Medallion Financial (NASDAQ:MFIN fka TAXI)


  • Highly exposed to NYC taxi medallions (licenses) as over 50% of their book is invested in medallion loans.
  • Huge debt maturities coming due in 2016 totaling 74% of all debt (not including brokered deposits).
  • Close to tripping several regulatory covenants, which could effect FDIC insurance coverage on deposits, ability to dividend cash up to parents, ability to raise capital without diluting shareholders, etc.
  • Massive +13% dividend yield that is being funded by debt/eating into equity (not supported by operating income).
  • Senior executives and directors are dropping like flies.


Good recent explanation here: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3985501-can-medallion-financial-survive-230m-refinancing-cliff-year-end?app=1&uprof=22&isDirectRoadblock=false

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Daily Journal seems very timely.


It's portfolio has been under pressure, and the market is valuing their other businesses which generate little EBITDA and are unproven at a truly amazing multiple.  Portfolio is easy to hedge.  Somewhat illiquid.


Still like FXCM short.


Many REITs seem worth a look - they seem to be trading like they are treasury substitutes these days.  Low vol funds must be throwing caution to the wind or something.  O for example is impressive in this regard.  3.3% yield... but it's "the monthly dividend" company, so there's that...


Think CVX also an interesting short here.  If you asked someone 2 years ago to predict CVX share price if you gave them the now current forward oil curve, I think you would get spit up on.



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Long term U.S. treasuries appear to be a good short here. They have moved really fast to the upside now paying a very low and historically low yield. I bought a small TLT put position today.


It is hard to make a convincing bet as this may go on further and maybe much further.



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What were yall thinking? If didn't have Will Smith of course it wasn't going to be good.


I had incredibly low expectations going into it and they couldn't even hit those. It was like they made a movie and someone came in afterwards and just randomly cut out scenes for no rhyme or reason.

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Whoever produced or directed Independence Day 2 movie!


x2! Worst movie I've ever watched in my life.



Haha..I left after I finished my popcorn..only watched maybe 20 minutes


Did anyone figure out a way to short this movie yet?  Inquiring minds are wondering...


I shorted PAA because it seems to have all the downside of oil/gas without the upside.  They issued a bunch of 8% convertible preferred to keep paying out distributions, but it converts at $26.25 within a couple years so at the current market price the value is suddenly increased by another 15%.  I have lots of other MLP exposure in SXCP/SXC/FELP so it kind of balances it out.

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