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Wireless Carrier Poll - Who do you use?

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Google Project Fi



20 $ per month unlimited talk and text. Free international SMS to any phone.

10 $ for 1GB data for pay as you go plan . if you use 1.2 GB; project fi charges 12$; unlike other carrier billing full amount of 10 or 15. If you use less than 1 GB data; say 500 MB ; they credit back 5 $ for unused data.


Monthly invoice is 32.48


Phone - Nexus 6P


Project Fi combines - TMobile and Sprint coverage in to one SIM. You are only dealing with Google Project Fi drectly; no relations to traditional carrier whatsoever.


You are expected to receive customer service call within 2 minutes from a live person.

Also, if you prefer email, they reply back to your email within 4 hours.


Great coverage and Amazing customer service with simplest billing you will see among all carriers.

If you are within Wi-Fi ; call always gets received and placed through wi-fi.


Another great feature is their international calling rates are the cheapest. Essentially you can carry same phone while on travel abroad; Project Fi covers you 120+ country on planet. True global phone.




You can pick up call from  phone , desktop, tablet any device where you are logged on google account. Also, you are able to dial from either of these.


For feedback from live customers ; you may check out Twitter feed.






How much do you pay on a monthly basis? (for 1 person)


If you have a family plan please state total monthly cost and number of people.


Thanks for your participation!

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I just bought a used iPhone 5S in early September and activated it with Cricket Wireless.  I pay $35/month for the basic plan (its $40 if you don't put your account on autopay with a credit card) for unlimited talk/text (in the US) and 2.5Gbs of LTE data.  You can get more data and international text/calling for a little more.  After you reach your data limit you can still use unlimited data for free but at very slow speeds.  It is on the AT&T network (Cricket is owned by AT&T).  After 3 months I'm still happy with it, no problems.


For families they give a $10/mo discount for each phone after your first. EDIT: I was just looking at the group discount, it is better than that, it is $10 off for your 2nd phone, $20 for your 3rd, $30 for 4th and $40 for your 5th.  So basically for the basic plan with 1 phone you pay $35/mo (with auto pay) for 2 phones it is $70/mo (you don't get autopay discount, just the $10 group discount), with 3 phones $90/mo, and if you have either 4 or 5 phones you pay $100/month, you get the 5th phone for free.


Also I haven't done any referrals yet, but I think if you sign up from this link we will both get a $25 credit:



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T-mobile. Global roaming for cheap FTW (edit2: I think Google fi uses T-mobile's cheap global roaming).


I think I am paying ~$80 with all taxes/etc. included for 2 lines with very different plans (not family plan). I thought that the plans were $50 and $20 (that's limited minutes/no data), so I guess $10 is taxes or something. :)


Google fi is great but they only support Nexus 6P (edit: and Nexus 5X) and you have to buy it. If you're in the market for new phone, it might be a good choice. Otherwise, not so much.

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I pay $5 per month for 1GB LTE data


Texting - Mixture of whatsapp and Telegram


Phonecalls - Mixture of whatsapp & Skype (free minutes due to Office 365)


And I keep $5 in credit on my phone incase I'm ever stuck somewhere without 3G/4G and I use a Microsoft Lumia 950

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I wish we had stuff like Project FI and Cricket in Canada. Our wireless carriers are starting to get cheaper, but we're still pretty expensive.


I'm at $49 per month with Koodo, the discount arm of Telus. That get me unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB of data. I used to be at 750 minutes/750MB for $44, but I found myself getting too close to minute and data limits. The $5 extra per month is just gravy.


I'll probably switch to another Telus-owned company called Public Mobile at some point. I can get unlimited province-wide minutes (meaning unlimited calls in my home province from any Canadian number, I'd have to pay a roaming fee or buy an add-on if I traveled), unlimited texting and 4GB of data over three months for something like $35/month. I'm stuck on Koodo for at least the next three months, since I just bought the phone. If I don't stay three months I have to give back the freebie $100 Walmart gift card I got for switching.

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