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Happy Holidays!


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It's not Christmas yet, but why not right? 


Just wanted to say that this community is really awesome! 


I wish I could get everyone a gift, but I'm no Warren Buffett.  So I just got you guys this card. 

This is a special Christmas card.  I found it on the internet.


Wishing you guys a holiday season filled with stress, cold, and anger.  Hey, at least this is realistic.  Just kidding.  Maybe if we're nice, Santa will provide some nice bargains in the markets.  ;D


Happy holidays and investing! 



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Enjoy the holiday season in whatever form that takes!  ;D


Sanjeev, can we get a photo of you in a Santa hat and smoking a Churchill given your success in 2014?  ;D


Would you take a photograph of my nephew with Santa?  ;D


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!  Cheers!


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Merry christmas.


Thanks Sanjeev for this forum and thanks Gio for posting here. I learned a lot from you about the importance of management and FFH! :)

Thanks Packer for answering my questions about equity stubs/internal leverage and free cashflow yields, and Eric for your ideas about (external) leverage.

Thanks Nate and west for your japanese ideas and yadayada for your comments about OUTR.

Puh there were possibly thousand more helpful posts in here, so thanks all.


Happy new year!

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