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  1. Interesting article. It resonates with some of the ideas that Prof Damodaran preaches. He has got a few more up his sleeve such as treatment of long term leases on property and treatment of R&D as a capex and the adjustments necessary to do so. Recognition of these ideas would have been very useful in valuation during early years of Amazon as its value was hidden behind the apparent close to zero net income.
  2. @cwericbyea its hard to sympathize in some of these cases. Brings out the anti-socialist in us. People just need to admit working for money does have its merits. @Castanza it is a big problem for society. I heard this argument first from Jordan Peterson. I dont know, we probably need these socialist measures to keep them low. If only we had a pill for treating this IQ condition
  3. Maybe I am too sympathetic but compared to what comes easy for some of us after years of honing our financial literacy skills, the mental capacity of some of these folks are simply not built the same way; not entirely their moral fault. some people still gotta rely on banks to calculate for them the mortgage payment amounts, let alone estimate living expense cost of retirement. I blame the public schooling system which does not put emphasis on financial literacy. Maybe its all a big conspiracy. Capitalists need blind ignorant working class to churn the machines and/or contribute to asset bubbles with their residual earnings.
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