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Off Topic: Recommended Toddler Books


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(any toddler book which you have read at least 50 times would fit on this list:)


1. [amazonsearch]The tiger who came to tea[/amazonsearch]

2. [amazonsearch]Good night Gorilla[/amazonsearch]

3. [amazonsearch]Five little monkeys[/amazonsearch]...

4. [amazonsearch]I love you stinky face[/amazonsearch]

5. [amazonsearch]Just another ordinary day[/amazonsearch]

6. [amazonsearch]There was an old lady who swallowed a fly[/amazonsearch]





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My kids loved:


[amazonsearch]Green Eggs and Ham[/amazonsearch]

[amazonsearch]Cat in the Hat[/amazonsearch]

[amazonsearch]We're Going on a Bear Hunt[/amazonsearch]

[amazonsearch]The Very Hungry Caterpillar[/amazonsearch]

[amazonsearch]Brown Bear, Brown Bear[/amazonsearch]

[amazonsearch]Sheep in a Jeep[/amazonsearch]

[amazonsearch]The Runaway Bunny[/amazonsearch]


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Some of these were already mentioned, but the books my kids loved to read over and over were:


[amazonsearch]Knuffle Bunny[/amazonsearch]

[amazonsearch]What Color is your Underwear[/amazonsearch]

[amazonsearch]Green Eggs and Ham[/amazonsearch]

[amazonsearch]I love you Stinkyface[/amazonsearch]


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We have a ton of kids books, but off the top of my head, some of my kid's favorites include:


1. [amazonsearch]The Doubtful Guest[/amazonsearch]

2. [amazonsearch]Cowboy and Octopus[/amazonsearch]

3. [amazonsearch]Press Here[/amazonsearch]

4. [amazonsearch]Bernstein Bears[/amazonsearch] (Especially [amazonsearch]The Spooky Old Tree[/amazonsearch] and [amazonsearch]The Bike Lesson[/amazonsearch])

5. [amazonsearch]King Bidgood's in the Bathtub[/amazonsearch]

6. [amazonsearch]In the Night Kitchen[/amazonsearch]

7. [amazonsearch]The Monster at the End of This Book[/amazonsearch]

8. [amazonsearch]Caps for Sale[/amazonsearch]

9. [amazonsearch]Bark, George[/amazonsearch]

10. [amazonsearch]The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear[/amazonsearch]

11. [amazonsearch]The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher[/amazonsearch]

12. [amazonsearch]Corduroy[/amazonsearch]

13. [amazonsearch]Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes[/amazonsearch]

14. [amazonsearch]The Napping House[/amazonsearch]

15. [amazonsearch]Chicka Chicka Boom Boom[/amazonsearch]

16. Anything by [amazonsearch]William Steig[/amazonsearch]

17. Anything by [amazonsearch]Leo Leoni[/amazonsearch]

18. Anything by [amazonsearch]Maurice Sendak[/amazonsearch]


My kids also love most [amazonsearch]Mo Willems[/amazonsearch] and [amazonsearch]Dr. Seuss[/amazonsearch], as others have mentioned.

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Don't forget the [amazonsearch]Big Red Dog [/amazonsearch] (Clifford?).

The important thing is to read to them each day (we did it at bed time and then through out the day if we had time) and they will become avid readers.


The parents of our children were avid young readers who could and did read about anything by the time we reached "school age".  One thing we had in common with other early readers is that our parents read to us from the time we became toddlers during a quiet time. 


Attention, repetition and engagement are key.  Discover the books your preschoolers like the most and read them over and over again as you hold your child or children in your lap. Ten Little Ponies was a favorite with our children. Reading it with them engaged them not only to complete the sentences, but to learn numbers and counting forward and backward with basic addition and subtraction at the turn of each page as they realized they could anticipate and solve elemental math problems.  They were so engaged that they easily memorized and understood the vocabulary that was far above the usual for first reading books.  :)

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