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Old MSN Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder's Board Archive


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For those inquiring about what transpired on our old message board back in 2003 when Fairfax was attacked, you can read it all on the old MSN Board archive.  Go to:




Click "Blog" on the left hand side.  Then click "Last" on the page numbers at the bottom.  Work your way back up to Page 468...that's where it all started shortly after the U.S. listing on the NYSE.  Cheers!

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What a trip man.... Now I know when I started on the board - dec. 2004.


On page 301 we were discussing the merits of Sino Forest - lol. 


I had no idea you had archived these.  The whole shebang is an investment course in itself. 



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It's strange to read Parsad describing an empty Holiday Inn at the 2002 Berkshire Hathaway AGM. Interesting comments from the meeting:




There was a question regarding bank stocks. WEB is surprised by how well banks have done. ROE's are beyond their expectations - partly due to high leverage.


I'm not sure if I got this right? Maybe somebody can confirm! We had a $400M nominal put on the S&P 500 back in early 2000.

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Love Charlie's quote from that 2002 meeting - "growing float with extremely low cost is difficult.  We intend to do it anyway."


2011 BRK Annual Report:  "Though we are sure to have underwriting losses from time to time, we’ve now had nine consecutive years of underwriting profits, totaling about $17 billion. Over the same nine years our float increased from $41 billion to its current record of $70 billion."

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  • 7 months later...

What's up with the multiply.com website?  By "closed", do they mean like a bathroom break and they'll be right back?




Your uploaded screenshot might only serve as a virtual gravestone. They closed the site completely!


Sadly it seems that all content from old MSN Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Message Board is lost forever.



Multiply Announces Closure of Social Networking Sites



An official announcement by Multiply's CEO, Stefan Magdalinski, was made on August 9, 2012, that the social networking portion of Multiply would be discontinued, including hosted blogs, videos, photos and messaging, in order to focus solely on e-commerce. [18] Multiply International ceased its social network on 23 March 2013.


The closing of the blogging and file-sharing services harvested lots of protests from Multiply users. The users felt betrayed, especially because Multiply's management previously guaranteed that the aforementioned services wouldn't be eliminated even with the change of focus into e-commerce




Multiply Shuts Down Blog and Content Sharing Service






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I think the son's of bitches killed it!  That sucks.  Cheers!


Such a travesty.


On a happier note, I love how you end your posts with "Cheers!". It makes even bad situations slightly more optimistic :)




Hey guys. Looks like the market is closed today. It turns out that an auto-immune disease is spreading throughout the population in the northeast United States. People are dying and then coming back to life as demonic monsters craving the flesh of others. Cheers!

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