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Compilation of all Leucadia shareholder letters


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Moore, I have them in .zip file.  PM your email and ill send them to you.


Hi Poor Charlie,


I just got your email, thank you very much.


I don't want to do something with the file that you sent that you disagree with, so I'm asking: Would it be okay if I uploaded the file on a hosting site and posted the link here so that anyone who wants to download it can? As far as I know these are public shareholder letters - just hard to find - and I don't think there's any reason not to, but I still want your "ok".

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I just spent the evening reading all the letters. I had previously read the ones from 1998 onwards as they were available on sec.gov.


Just want to thank you guys for making them available.


There is much to be learned from these letters,  and it is very obvious to me that LUK has really messed up having owned and sold some incredible assets, I don't really understand why they would ever sell some of the real estate they owned like the French Properties (2.1m square feet) and the Park Avenue/Chicago Skyscrapers. It also behooves me why they sold their retail banking operation.


I would much rather own the LUK of 1986-1994 then the one today.


What kills me is that they obviously understood the merits of investing in assets that protect against inflation but somehow decided to dump their exquisite property portfolio. You could have had here another Brookfield properties inside of Leucadia worth at least double of the current market value, + everything else.

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The link works, but as you see here are some spaces in it -just before the word letters.


Try this:

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14968/Leucadia Letters (2010).pdf


Finally starting to read the letters from the start of 1978. Thank you for posting the compilation! Does any one have the 10K's pre 1994?


Also I found the commentary helpful here regarding the takeover of Talcott National:


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