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10-Ks, etc.


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How do forum members typically obtain 10-Ks, etc.?  Contacting the company, or downloading and printing?  I am a young relic, who does not like printing them out, but contacting the companies is becoming more difficult (and being put on a quarterly mailing list is almost non-existent these days.)  Any thing I am missing, or any helpful hints?



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I try to get most companies to mail them to me, so I don't have to waste a ton of paper.  Most will do it if you ask, since they already have them printed. 


Edgar-Online is a great service, but you do have to pay for it.  I use it to keep up with filings from both companies and investors.  They send me e-mail alerts anytime something is filed.  I know there some other sites as well.


Take care

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Dedicated account means I opened a brokerage account just for that purpose (i.e. I don't even look at the performance of that account).


I'm using etrade. Brokerage fee is $9.99 per transaction. This means if I buy a penny stock, the commission is much higher than the cost base of the stock. Hence the performance comment.


The purpose of that account is just to systematically get the 10Ks of the companies I follow.



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There's lots of ways of getting the 10K/Q, you'll eventually find the way you are most comfortable with.


I use the RSS system on EDGAR with Google Reader. It doesn't cost any money and you get updated fairly fast.  Of course reading off the computer isn't optimal but I can't deal with the hassle of paper or the cost of printing.


Check out http://www.fwallstreet.com/resources/edgar.htm They do an excellent job making RSS filings easy to do.


Of course, if I ever open my wallet I might buy the Kindle DX http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-DX-Amazons-Wireless-Generation/dp/B0015TCML0 which would be great for reading reports.

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If you want to download Word Docs or PDFs of SEC documents at one convenient location, use the below url address and simply fill in your desired ticker. For example, replace "WMT" at the end of the url with the ticker you're looking up and hit return.




This allows you to print in a clean format. This is a backdoor into 10K Wizard (you'd need a subscription otherwise). Unfortunately, there is no RSS on the pages... you'll need to use sec.gov for your company filing feeds.

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