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  1. about 20% (I historically have been tracking from March to March to coincide with Tax season; this is the first year I look at year's end). What helped was the huge run-up in Gold/Silver; what hurt was the huge crash in Silver, when I lost probably 40% of my financial assets (in 4 days when silver went from $50 to sub-$40 in early May and leverage bit me hard). A lot (a lot!) of activity during the last 6 months for a meager 10-12% increase. All in all a decent absolute performance but terrible investing/trading grade for me!
  2. Thanks for the detailed answer. Note that Abe Wagner (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Abe-Wagner/94817528667) is also a pro MMA fighter, and his diet follows Mark Sisson's advice; I think we can probably find examples and counter-examples for just about any diet if we really look hard enough :) Twice I've gone nearly 100% meat/eggs/fish for a few days and twice I felt better when adding some veggies/fruits back in. I actually started watching that movie you mention last week-end but stopped when I heard the slant against meats - I guess I'm not ready for that :) I want to continue experimenting with the high fat / fairly high protein / low car diet until I see the results from my bloodwork at the very least. I value your opinion highly however and understand you are farther into the healthy eating journey than I am, so will keep your experience and beliefs in mind as I keep learning how my own body responds to diet. Thank you
  3. Late response and out of turn, apologies if others already jumped in to answer this question. France has free education for university, engineering school but it can be quite expensive (relative to the average household income) in business schools. University is very hard because the kids are left alone, there's a lot of attrition during the first 2 or 3 years; I believe it gets pretty good for anyone sticking with it a bit longer however, and you can go up to PhD level (or MD, JD equivalents) for free. Unless you have one of these professional degrees however, perspectives after a University degree aren't very good, companies like engineers better typically. These schools are often free but not always, and French engineers are well respected outside of France as well as inside. Now, even assuming this all is free doesn't mean kids have equal chances - sons and daugthers of professionals & teachers do significantly better than others on average. I'd think the German system is superior in that sense, with any kid able to chose a field of his/her choosing and opportunities real & well remunerated even after trade school. In both countries, one of the downside is that students do not have much sense of urgency so they can end up costing a pretty penny to the tax payers.
  4. I guess I'm still not sure why you cut the meat? What's wrong with it if organic + grass fed/finished? Btw - agreed on Taubes not dissing carbs per se; the Jaminets (perfect health diet) and even Sisson (Mark's daily apple) don't either. I'm probably around 100 grams of carb / day on average, but above all I cut the bread/pasta/rice + most sugar & usually try to limit high glycemic fruits & milk - so I do mostly meat/fish more because I lift (heavy) weights than because I think that's the only thing I'm allowed.
  5. Ericopoly, I haven't been following the blog in a little while, so bear with me if you already answered that one at length. Back a few months ago, you seemed very much into Taubes (GCBC, Why we get fat), and with great results if I recall (allergies, weight loss, perspiration, sleep); I purchased & read both books, and have spent countless hours reading Mark Sisson, perfecthealthdiet (Paul Jaminet) and others, which all advocate the same general food philosophy. Yet a day or two ago, you wrote on this thread that your family moved to (near-)vegan for health reasons. What specifically triggered the decision? PS: I had blood work done a couple of weeks before I changed my diet last January, and will have one done in a week so I'll be able to see how my own body reacts to more meat / less carbs - but I am very curious about your own example.
  6. UhuruPeak

    New FBK

    Re. silver, "either you get it or you don't" :) there have been numerous discussions on this board, and many here have no interest in this sector, which I am totally fine with. My first purchase was at $5.5 I think, and silver is now ~$35. I believe the next couple of months are going to be like fireworks, hence my decision to forgo any diversification and go all-in in silver (AQG, a fund doubling the moves of the metal) and silver miners (SIL, an index). In the process, I have sold every thing else, including gold miners (GDXJ) and a 4th (tiny tiny) position I had, Strathmore Minerals. I can't tell you about fundamentals, but I can tell you about 'Old Turkey' from "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" of Jesse Livermore fame: it is a bull market you know Uccmal, I'll check the SSW thread, thx
  7. UhuruPeak

    New FBK

    Funny - looks like a number of us have been selling in the last few days. I exited SSW last week and sold out of FBK today. I may end up regretting it, or may be not - we shall see PS: all cash will be reinvested in Silver / Silver miners w/in the next few days as I expect a pullback there. Not trying to convince anyone that what I'm doing is the right thing for every one, please don't shoot bullets at me - just disclosing the reason I'm selling two pretty good investments.... which I may rejoin in a couple of months. btw - Uccmal, do you really think SSW will increase the dividend when they still appear hell bent on acquiring yet more ships? I'm curious, the thought hadn't crossed my mind
  8. Congratulations on a nice trade. You feel it is close to fully valued, it is ok to sell; at worse you left some profit for the next guy. Turn around and find something else that sells for $0.20 or $0.50, rinse and repeat.
  9. UhuruPeak

    New FBK

    <IV, thx so much! I had looked for it but didn't find on the WSJ site
  10. I don't think that's right. You need to calculate the terminal value and then apply the discount. Your 18% is going to be compounded every year
  11. I hate you guys - because of this thread, I've been drinking my black coffee w/o sugar and it is just no as good :( As for the following... This thread 'part en couilles' as the French would say. Not gonna translate to English lest young eyes read it
  12. If oil goes too high, it will lead to a recession which will slow inflation & drop oil prices back down; no such thing w/ gold/silver
  13. Thx. I hadn't read him in a few quarters, but it is always a pleasure - and this particular letter is probably the best I've seen in a long time, by anyone. Conceptually not much new to most of us here on this board, but always good to be reminded of how bubbles go up and down. Going on a tangent now... I don't think that playing these trends is not necessarily doing Technical Analysis, but rather behavioral investing. Indeed, this is by far the most important reason why I'm still heavily long gold/silver in spite of being in it since 2003 already. I won't convince anyone here I'm afraid. No, I am no gold bug - merely someone who got lucky to figure out early that a new long-term trend was forming and jumped on the bandwagon. I figure we still have this current intermediate cycle plus probably another one. This is the Shumpeterian K-trend, 17 yrs up + 17 yrs down or whatever the number of years it is. You just need one great investing decision every decade to do very very well. But what goes up will come down, gold/silver will eventually crash and stocks indexes will then do great again.
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