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Thanks for posting. I was researching this very same topic for possible candidates (that would be fair investments even without a call) several months ago when i read a journal article on Tier 1 changes going into effect. I made a short list of candidates that i saved in a folder on my desktop and then completely forgot about that folder. Thanks very much for the reminder dcollon.

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Anybody has the stated Annex?


For listings of individual securities, please see:

(1) Preferred Securities Catalog, Tables 8-10 for all

outstanding $25 par TruPS issued by US banks.

(2) Preferred Securities Valuation Report for UBS

Wealth Management Research covered securities.



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I usually go to quantumonline.com for lists and descriptions of preferreds.  They have tables of the various flavours, including a table for TRuPs.  You can get a brief description of the securities' characteristics too which saves the trouble of going to the prospectus during the screening phase.



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