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Suggestion: can we change the board format...


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Go into your profile. You can change the settings for notifications. Not sure if a daily round-up is available, but you may be able to set something up there.


I also echo that I am quite fine with this format/board. As I see it, this is a gift from Sanj and I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth.



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I like the investorvillage format a lot better.




The vast majority of board members here actually prefer a simple forum.  At Investor Village, you actually have to go to each ticker symbol message board, not unlike Yahoo, Stockhouse or The Fool.  We have just three boards...Fairfax, Berkshire and General.  Investor Village also has all sorts of features that hardly anyone would use here such as the blog boards, and we don't have the ability to add market quotes, etc.  We can add some news and feeds, but not full quotes with charts, etc.  This may be the wrong board for you if you would like those additional features.


Berkshire Hathaway has probably the simplest website around, outside of Leucadia's, but they both serve their purpose.  That's all we are doing here.  Just a simple forum where people can chat about ideas.  We'll throw interviews on the blog, and that's about it outside of the occasional get together.  Members can adjust the profile and administrative settings to make it better suited for their needs, but I don't think we'll be changing anything much anytime soon.  This board is a breeze for me to moderate compared to the old MSN board, and it is much simpler to moderate than a board like Investor Village or The Motley Fool.  Cheers!

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I like the three categories - Berk, Fairfax, General Disc - very much.  It makes for very clean navigation eg when looking for discussion of recent annual results of Berk or Fairfax.  One thing I would like as an enhancement, if possible, is some flag within a topic, saying which of the replies are new.  I know ... if memory is good then don't need reminder that have read a reply already, and if memory is bad then should re-read the replies not previously seen.

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One bug in the setup that I noticed is that if you select keep me logged in forever it only works if you visit the site without the www. at the front -- http://cornerofberkshireandfairfax.ca/forum/


If you are logged in but you try to load http://www.cornerofberkshireandfairfax.ca/forum/  (with the www.)

then it will not log you in to the forum.  However, if you just get rid of the www. part of the address it will log you in automatically (if you selected keep me logged in forever).


basically, you should bookmark the address for the forum without the www. part




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