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Nothing But Net - Mark Mahaney


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I just finished reading this book.

It covers the internet sector and I think provides a good framework to aleast help investors not to brush off high valuation out of hands. Somestimes it makes sense and is warranted.

The author talks a lot on CNBC and Bloomberg and i have watched (and liked) his interviews in the past.



Nothing But Net: 10 Timeless Stock-Picking Lessons from One of Wall Street’s Top Tech Analysts: Mahaney, Mark: 9781264274963: Books - Amazon.ca

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Read it too. Would give it a 7 probably, a good counterweight if you historically read more "value-type" books. Many good case studies on various failed tech darlings.

The share price examples were unfortunate though, $SFIX, $ZG.. they were all artifactual but then again, doesn't take away the overall premise.


Large addressable market allows sustained high growth, management is important, strong revenue growth is important, ensure strong customer obsession, history of innovation will prevent intertia, buy when dislocated. 



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I finally got around to reading this one. Overall, very weak. Maybe 4/10. The whole thing can be summarized as "buy dislocated tech companies that show consistent revenue growth of 20% or more." The author tries to counterbalance value types that frequent this board, suggesting buying revenue growth over earnings.


Incidentally, the publication of this book coincided with the market top. Ooops.

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