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Vaccine/boosters and aspiration


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I’m not a doctor, so make up your own mind. However it makes logical sense to me. By aspirating the small risk of injecting the vaccine directly into a blood vessel is avoided, which is vey likely to reduce the risks of blood clotting or heart inflammation. The vaccine is supposed to do most of its job in the muscle.


John Campbell has been covering the pandemic rather objectively, is pro vaxx, and has been pounding the table on this for a while. 




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Not sure this makes sense IMO. At the very  least there is no data to support this theory. The idea of  injection into muscle or fat tissue is to slow the absorption of a drug.  Ultimately it is absorbing into the blood stream and circulating. Some compounds like Mercury and Nitro can be dermally absorbed, some through inhalation like Nicotine or carbon monoxide etc.  Ultimately, most compounds get into the bloodstream.  Could a sudden bolus of vaccine into the bloodstream cause clots? Possibly, but again, no evidence to support this to my knowledge. Personally I suspect, clot and myocarditis is due to autoimmune activation in susceptible patients. We see the same phenomenon with certain viral infections.

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I agree there is no proof.


As far as I understand, the vaccine is supposed to work primarily by producing the spike protein in muscle cells.


I’ve also heard that the lipid nano particles could be the reason for problems when they go directly in to the heart or ovaries, with an intramuscular injection they would stay in the muscle, no?


Anyway, I’m not a doctor, but it makes sense to me to make sure by aspirating that an injection that is supposed to be intramuscular really goes into the muscle and not directly into the bloodstream. 

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Where is the biodistribution study from Pfizer?  That is the whole point of that study, to answer the questions raised here as to where the vaccine distributes.   Why hasn't Pfizer made that information available?


In general, you know I am double vaccinated but I find the lack of data from Pfizer to be very troubling.  What possible reason would there be for them not to release thousands of pages of research if there vaccine really is safe.

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