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Reverse Morris Trust Returns


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Based on a discussion from the DISCK thread on the impact of the Reverse Morris Trust overhang on DISCK's share price, I wanted to create a topic about it, and see if other have looked at this too. Do Reverse Morris Trusts typically have similar return profiles to plain vanilla spin-offs? If not, what are the characteristics that make them different?


Here are some recent RMT's with completion dates and returns since completion that I found through the magic of Google.


Covetrus - Schein RMT with private vet biz (Feb. 2019) -49% + 0% yield

LMT and LE (Aug. 2016) 125% + 1.5% dividend yield

GE and WAB (Feb. 2019) 24% + a 0.5% dividend yield

ETM and CBS Radio (Nov. 2017) -71% + 0% yield

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6 hours ago, dwy000 said:

can you frame it a little more?  Are you referring to short term movement due to a re-juggling of the shareholder base or are you referring to the long term returns of spinouts in general using this structure?

I think about things in terms of years…so I’m most interested in returns 3-year post-close, but others may have different yardsticks.

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1 hour ago, Broeb22 said:

IFF has underperformed the S&P by 30 points since announcement and flat since the close in February…

After deal close Yes.  I think IFF was held down because of the RMT transaction in 2020 as some people were likely long DD and short IFF.  There was a nice pop in early 2021 when the deal was about to close.  I have sold since.  But if you swapped DD shares for IFF, that was a nice outcome.  I tendered 40% and was pro-rated about half.    

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