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  1. So at Whole Foods you bought some grapes and a fruit juice?
  2. Fantastic results for 1Q. 5% organic growth and increasing EBITDA despite higher resin pricing. I can't believe this is trading at less than 10x free cash flow. Company anticipates being at target leverage this year allowing them to redeploy capital to acquisitions and stock buybacks. Cha ching!
  3. Great summary AlwaysInvert. Completely agree. Its still a small stock ($4bn mkt cap) and has the taint of EM, slow growth, complexity (they don't own 100% of some of the major markets). Mgmt has done a great job of refocusing by getting out of African markets. They still need a couple of underperformers to turn around (Bolivia, Honduras). ARPU remains problematic even as customers grow but hopefully that fixes as the economies reopen. I'm not looking for a double here or massive stock pop. This should be a slow but consistent outperformer for years to come and i kind of like that it
  4. That makes a whole lot of sense. It would effectively unwind the efforts to replicate ATT as a communications and media company to focus solely on the pipes over content. They probably wanted to sell it a year ago and had to wait for results to rebound. I've never really seen the synergy argument between those assets and the wireless division. Here's hoping they get a great price for it and don't just use the money for debt reduction (sell a 5% growing cash yield asset to repay 3% cash cost liability)
  5. Probably depends on how much you're talking about. If it's small amounts, giving big tips and small donations are meaningful to the recipients and you get much more direct impact. But once you get into the $000's you probably want to make a larger scale, broader impact. If you have the time (which many times is more impactful than straight up $'s) it might be preferable to get involved with a charity or activity that supports a cause you believe in. And once you are involved it's much easier to give funds because you know where its going and can see the impact. It's a win-win for both you
  6. Bloomberg has a promo where you pay $1.99/month for 3 months trial period. It includes digital and the weekly magazine! I will likely cancel at the end of it until the next promo because the annual rate is way too high but I'm loving this promo
  7. My family is on xfinity Mobile and I will move over with this plan. The only concern I have is that they do start throttling at higher usage (if I read it right)
  8. I have no problem either way but if you put up a paywall, the number of posters (and new registrants) will likely plummet. The value here is from the open exchange.
  9. You used a 7% WACC. FCF is after debt service so thats effectively your equity return you are using as a discount rate.
  10. Wow, that wasn't even close.
  11. can you give some examples of companies with those characteristics? I struggle to rely on forecasts 3 years out let alone 8 years at a 20% cagr (with 15% fcf margins).
  12. BJ's CEO just passed away unexpectedly. The CFO has taken over. Not sure how key he was in the culture or if this will impact growth but it will certainly be disruptive for a while.
  13. I think it's more relevant to Oracle than Google. Oracle bought Java when they acquired Sun Micro and since Java is the programming underpinning of so much software Oracle (being Oracle) sued claiming IP infringement (Android was apparently built using Java components). There's no negative to either side really from this ruling, it's more that if Oracle won it would make them billions and billions as gatekeeper for so much software in use today. I was a bit surprised at Oracle's strong showing today despite losing the case.
  14. The higher price for the call generally reflects the present valuing of the strike price at maturity in put/call parity (since buying call and selling put gets the same value as owning the shares without having to fund the upfront cost of buying shares). In a virtually zero interest rate environment and a fairly short time period the difference would be meaningless - especially for a high volatility stock. But Inofeisone is correct that this is all theoretical.
  15. I certainly wouldn't deny that those factors are going on in the market for Tesla options but every option pricing class i ever took (and there were a bunch) was based on the theory that puts and calls should be priced similarly with the only exception being as the stock price approaches zero (since call upside is infinite $ and put upside is capped at a zero stock price). If they aren't trading that way there is (theoretically at least) an arbitrage to be made.
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