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  1. I liked the book but it really was an ego trip. Zell has had a number of high profile failures along the way but you would never know it from the book. A lot of the business detail was glossed over - I wanted more dirt on the backroom negotiations and aggressive structuring he used but it wasn't there. It's a quick and good read but there are better biographies out there.
  2. Verizon spun out their old landlines to Fairpoint a long time ago using RMT. I remember getting shares in Fairpoint and couldn't blow them out fast enough.
  3. can you frame it a little more? Are you referring to short term movement due to a re-juggling of the shareholder base or are you referring to the long term returns of spinouts in general using this structure?
  4. Just my 2 cents but I would agree with Gregmal. It's highly unlikely newbies will plop down $50 if they can't see what they're buying into. I suspect most people on the board would follow and read for a while before feeling the need to join and respond to a post or comment on a stock. Either way, I'm in to stay whatever is decided.
  5. so much for the great exodus I guess. Record population in NYC with increase in all boroughs. New York City’s Population Booms — But Not for Everyone, Everywhere - THE CITY
  6. Don't drink there yourself. Ever.
  7. Spek that's at least 3 "what are you selling" posts in the past week. Are you sitting on cash or selling to buy something more appealing?
  8. Probably depends on how much you're talking about. If it's small amounts, giving big tips and small donations are meaningful to the recipients and you get much more direct impact. But once you get into the $000's you probably want to make a larger scale, broader impact. If you have the time (which many times is more impactful than straight up $'s) it might be preferable to get involved with a charity or activity that supports a cause you believe in. And once you are involved it's much easier to give funds because you know where its going and can see the impact. It's a win-win for both you and the cause. I must admit I don't understand those who don't take the taxable deduction though. It's basically free money that can increase the amount of the gift if you re-donate the tax savings as well.
  9. Bloomberg has a promo where you pay $1.99/month for 3 months trial period. It includes digital and the weekly magazine! I will likely cancel at the end of it until the next promo because the annual rate is way too high but I'm loving this promo
  10. I have no problem either way but if you put up a paywall, the number of posters (and new registrants) will likely plummet. The value here is from the open exchange.
  11. The higher price for the call generally reflects the present valuing of the strike price at maturity in put/call parity (since buying call and selling put gets the same value as owning the shares without having to fund the upfront cost of buying shares). In a virtually zero interest rate environment and a fairly short time period the difference would be meaningless - especially for a high volatility stock. But Inofeisone is correct that this is all theoretical.
  12. I certainly wouldn't deny that those factors are going on in the market for Tesla options but every option pricing class i ever took (and there were a bunch) was based on the theory that puts and calls should be priced similarly with the only exception being as the stock price approaches zero (since call upside is infinite $ and put upside is capped at a zero stock price). If they aren't trading that way there is (theoretically at least) an arbitrage to be made.
  13. How/where do I sign up for the subscription? Easiest investment decision I've made.
  14. I dont think you read the full article. The article says "hospitalizations increasing by just 37% for adults 80 or older, of which 44% of the population are fully vaccinated in the state." It increased less for older people, but it still increased. Thst was kinda rhe point. Even though 44% of elderly are vaccinated the infection number is rising. Which means it is growing very quickly in the population that has not been vaccinated following the easing of restrictions. Suggests strongly that the previous cautions of masks and distancing worked. Unless what u are suggesting is that the vaccination doesn't work at all which is why infection rates are rising.
  15. That suggests cases are expanding rapidly among those who have not been vaccinated as they start going back to normal (possibly thinking they are less susceptible since everyone else has the vaccine). It really makes the point about effectiveness of masks and avoiding close contact since the population of people it can affect has dropped significantly but cases have gone up.
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