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2021 Q2 13-F


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Q2 stock holdings are out.


Not a lot of movement:

from https://www.dataroma.com/m/holdings.php?m=BRK




Add 21.01%

AON Add 7.32%
RH Add 2.02%
USB Reduce 0.62%
CVX Reduce 2.32%
ABBV Reduce 10.23%
GM Reduce 10.45%
BMY Reduce 15.27%
MMC Reduce 20.63%
MRK Reduce 48.79%
LMTYK Reduce 74.46%
AXTA Sell 100.00%
BIIB Sell 100.00%
LBTYA Sell 100.00%
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53 minutes ago, Gregmal said:

Ha I think @LearningMachine nailed the KR add. What a savage for detail. Well done. 


Thanks @Gregmal :-).  I totally blew it on the Chevron stake though.  The $1.984B reduction in cost basis of "Commercial, industrial and other" was so close to his cost basis on remaining Chevron shares of about $1.964B.

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